Just Chico is at the Porter House. That's not meant derogatorily, that is the name of the act - Just Chico.

Chico is a singer/Guitarist/Harmonica player who was born in Sault Ste Marie, but has not performed here professionally, except for this engagement at the top of the stairs.

The 26 year old has been playing with groups for 11 years but now has decided to go solo. Chico, whose real name is Fern Borrelli, performs a hefty batch of material from all fields, including modern, folk, jazz, country rock and country western.

His speciality is putting together a medley of songs from groups such as the Rolling Stones, Bee-Gees and the Beatles.

His personal tastes run from Neil Young, to Dave Mason, to the Eagles to Kris Kristofferson. It's easy listenting, Just Chico... Posted: Sep 6, 2021 Originally Published: Jan 24, 1977
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